Blaptica dubia S 1 Kg Dubiaexpress (1 – 2,2 cm)

Blaptica dubia S 1 Kg Dubiaexpress (1 – 2,2 cm)


8,000 units approx.

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Blaptica dubia S

Dubia cockroach, is one of the 4,500 species of cockroaches that form the order Blattodea. Its body is elongated and flattened with a length between 0.4 cm to 4.5 cm in its adult phase. They are sexually dimorphic. The males present anatomical structures that allow the flight (wings). Its morphology is more slender than females. On the other hand, the females are more voluminous, have no wings and have black and orange stripes on their abdomen.

The Blaptica dubia cockroach, is the cockroach species most used for animal feeding. That is because its size adapts to many fishes, insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds. It is an easy prey to eat. It is a species that is not provided with a strong exoskeleton and it does not have defenses on the legs that can tear internal organs of the animals that ingest them.

Nutritional qualities of our Blaptica dubia

The Blaptica dubia S has high protein content and low-fat content. This species is an important source of hydration due to its high percentage of humidity. Their nutritional qualities change according to the diet with which they are fed, therefore, we present to our customers the nutritional qualities of our cockroaches, so you will have the certainty of what you are buying.


Our work is carried out in a professional way. Our insects are taken care of daily. They are housed in clean containers provided with water and food constantly, with controlled temperature and humidity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our breeding work allows us to have cockroaches in optimal health, which are able to withstand international travel without problems even in times of heat or cold.

Our prices in Blaptica dubia S guarantee profitability to our customers, without leaving aside the best quality and professionalism to ensure the satisfaction of all our buyers. We have large stock of all sizes at the best prices.

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