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DUBIA EXPRESS may use cookies during the provision of services on the website. A cookie is information that is stored on a device such as a tablet, or a mobile phone, or a computer and when the user browses the Internet and is used so that this tablet, or mobile or computer can be recognized later. The cookies that we install, do not recognize you personally as an individual; They only recognize the device you use. Cookies do not damage your tablet, computer or mobile in any way, but allow access to several important functions of the website, for example, allow you to make your purchase process faster or see pages you have searched before within our selection of content. The user has the ability to configure your browser so that the creation of cookie files is prevented or warned of.

In we use cookies for various purposes, including remember your preferences, increase the relevance of the ads you see, count the number of visits we receive, help you register in our services and protect your data.

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