Our Company

Our Company

After 5 years working with different insects at the Entosur Insect Farm, we have proven that the species Blaptica dubia cockroaches have clear productive and nutritional advantages over other insects used in animal feeding. For this reason, and due to the need of our customers to get large quantities of live food that can arrive in optimal conditions, Dubiaexpress.eu was created.

Our Quality Products

We work with: Zoos, wholesale distributors, animal stores, professional breeders, laboratories, universities and anyone who needs large quantities of Blaptica dubia cockroaches.

Place your trust in us to acquire your live food. We love what we do and it shows.

Our Team


José Luis Sánchez

Graduate in Environmental Sciences

" Idealize a better world, with more sustainable raw materials, thats why I´m an insect breeder"

Zootechnical Director

Bárbara Rogers

Graduate in Education Sciences

`'I have deep respect and sensitivity towards animals, I love observing their habits and customs''

Zootechnical Assistant

Cristina Expósito

Graduate in Environmental Sciences

"My commitment is maximum to the welfare of the animals''