Why Dubia?

High % of proteins just like crickets. The Blaptica dubia cockroach is on top regarding the nutritional qualities of insects used as living food.

Dubia cockroaches are very long-lived. The females can live up to two years. You will not have expiration problems when you use them as food.

Their slow growth will give you the size you need to last longer.

They are very resistant to temperature and humidity changes, this facilitates their maintenance enormously. It’s a pity to buy insects as living food and end up only using half.

They don’t make noise as crickets, so when you handle large quantities you won’t have problems with constant noise.

They are able to be stored in great densities as long as they are kept in hygienic conditions. You can store large quantities of Blaptica dubia in small spaces, such as putting egg cartons vertically.

They do not reproduce if they are not in high environmental temperatures, so uncontrolled reproduction would be complicated.

They do not climb up smooth surfaces, they do not fly and they do not jump. You will never have escape problems with Blaptica dubia.

They have a lower % of chitin than other insects used as live food. Chitin is not digestible, so there is a higher feed conversion rate.

The smell less in comparison to other insects.